Canopy Staff Picks!

To prepare for the launch of our first Canopy-powered app, we have all been using our beta this summer. We are a little biased, but we have found that the experience of discovering a selection of articles from a diverse set of voices and publications every day has been, well, delightful. As the team heads into the last weekend of hammocks and ice cream before lunch, we wanted to share a few of our favorite reads that opened our minds, challenged us, and made us laugh.

Brian found: The Golden Bough by Salman Rushdie (Granta)

“Even when things are going great at a startup (which they are), constant rejection abounds at every turn. I am a bit annoyed how well I was seen by Canopy to get this short story by Salman Rushdie, but it made me delighted. Promise to not carry a bread knife around.”

Urcella found: How the Aviation Industry Changed Los Angeles by Hadley Meares (Curbed LA)

"I grew up in west LA until I was 19, in between the Santa Monica and Los Angeles Airports. I had this idea that LA was a very new city that barely existed before WWII but I am perpetually surprised by the depth and span of cultural contributions the city has made beyond Hollywood and filmmaking.”

Janelle found: When Doctors Thought Wanderlust Was a Psychological Condition by Sabrina Imbler (Atlas Obscura)

“I really enjoyed reading about the not-so-positive origins of a term frequently used to describe a journey of discovery.”

I found: The Tour de France is a Beautiful Mess and Maybe That’s How it Always Should Be by Messy Nessy Chic

“I loved the historic photographs used here to depict the utter chaos, insanity and thrill of the Tour de France. As someone who has zero connection to cycling, this helped me see the allure though I will stick to enjoying this from the sidelines (with some French wine in hand).”

Tim found: What the Heck is Crab Rangoon Anyway? by Dan Nosowitz (Atlas Obscura)

“I can order my guilty pleasure with far less shame now.”

Graham found: The New and Selected Tweets of Eighties Man by Alena Smith (The Offing)

“I could go back to this one every day and find something new that cracks me up. Plus, the team thinks I look like the 80s guy in the picture.”

Annika found: Cristinaland by Poe Ballantine (The Sun)

“I loved this beautiful reflection on the author’s past, and it introduced me to someone new. I picked up his books to add to my summer stack.”

Gabe found: I Tweeted Out My Phone Number and Rediscovered Humanity by Robyn Kanner (Wired Magazine)

“A beautiful insight into the author’s courage in their attempt to humanize technology and truly connect with strangers”
published by:
Amie Green
August 28, 2019