Our Values


Delightful Discoveries

Our first priority is to give people the best discoveries imaginable. We do not optimize for addictive behaviors, margin or time spent. Our company’s core metric is the total number of great discoveries made over time.


Private By Default

Canopy learns about people on their device. We do not and cannot transfer or sell people’s data to anyone else. Data should never be used against people in any way to benefit a third party—their identity belongs to them.


Unprecedented Control

People have the right to immediately impact their experience by providing feedback about their discoveries. People should always have the ability to adjust their recommendations or delete their entire Canopy identity at any time. We want people to understand where recommendations come from, and give them context in a clear way.


People & Technology

The best experiences are built by combining the power of technology with the expertise of human beings. Editorial principles and algorithmic approaches must work together. We want all types of content from all kinds of people to be understood and mediated for discovery by Canopy.

Meet the team

We are a team of proven experts who have built much of the personalization layer of the internet that is in use today, and are now working to make it better and more secure.


We are proud to be supported by a stellar set of investors from Spotify, WeWork, Splice, E14 Fund, Keybase, and many others, led by Antonio Rodriguez at Matrix Partners.