Canopy is Joining CNN!

Canopy’s goal is to build a better Internet, where everything you interact with is mediated by a system that cares about you instead of tracking you. We want to build places for the world to discover new things that equitably support creators and give everyone the tools to explore on their own terms. Our long term dream for our very young company is to reach millions of people and help them navigate the increasingly complex world in a way that can only help them. We started that path with our first app, Tonic, and today we’re very happy to announce we’ve hit the gas pedal a bit by joining CNN. This is exciting!

We are all staying together as a (great) team, still in our offices (when we can go back!) in Brooklyn and Boston, joining up with some amazing people who are building CNN’s forthcoming news and information platform connecting users to trusted sources, storytellers and creators across a wide range of topics. It will be a brand new way to get all sorts of news and media from all sorts of sources out to the world in the right way, with their privacy and agency intact.

There has never been a more crucial time to help people discover trusted sources around topics and issues that matter most to them. We’re ready to build new ways for millions of people to connect with news and information while keeping their data safe and secure. This acquisition takes the big dream of Canopy and makes it much bigger. We can’t wait until you all get to see our values and tech in action at this new massive scale.

We want to thank everyone that’s helped us along the way to get here. We have had so much support from our friends, family, investors, scientists, journalists, developers and companies all just as excited as us about what we can build and what’s next. We can’t do any of this without you all.

-- Amie, Annika, Bassey, Ben, Brian, Chris, Dan, Dave, Emma, Gabe, Graham, Joe, Laima, Madison, Matt, Phil and Tim!

published by:
Brian Whitman
April 7, 2020