Introducing Tonic!

Today we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of Tonic - a new discovery app that gives you a personalized selection of reads every day. Tonic is powered by Canopy’s private discovery architecture and by human curators, ensuring you’re recommended the best of the internet while your data stays safe and secure on your device.

Here’s how to get started with Tonic:

  1. Download Tonic from the app store
  2. Go through a short onboarding process
  3. Discover daily reads curated from the best of the internet

We made Tonic because we were tired of having to give up our digital selves to get great recommendations, and because we wanted to build an alternative to endless feeds optimized for maximum engagement, breaking news, and outrage.

Tonic doesn’t ask for your email address and we don’t want any of your personal information. Our proprietary technology means Tonic gets smarter the more you read, without needing to ever scrape or store your data.

Tonic aims to delight, challenge, and inspire you with new sources and new voices drawn from the best the internet has to offer today. You won’t find a constant stream of politics or hate clicks on Tonic, and we don’t want to further separate the world into ideological bubbles. Instead, we’ll recommend five links a day in an experience that evolves with you.

This is all made possible by a combination of on-device machine learning and differential privacy, a technique that lets us understand preferences in the aggregate. Unlike the old way of doing things, this novel approach to personalization doesn’t require knowing your every movement or storing all your data on a server — today’s phones are supercomputers, sophisticated enough to let us do the math that used to be done on servers directly on your device instead, without ever revealing your private information. It stays in your hands.

Tonic is our first step towards a new internet that’s more respectful of our time, attention, and data. We’re excited to build it with you, and discover some great reads in the process!

Download Tonic today on the Apple App Store and let us know what you think by sending us a note at

published by:
Matthew Ogle
Annika Goldman
September 18, 2019